Aging Societies is an interdisciplinary research group which studies population ageing.


DIGITAL-AGE analyses the interrelation between digital, health, social capital and labour market inequalities, among the old age population in Italy.



Aging in a Networked Society is a research project funded by the Cariplo Foundation and aimed at investigating the impact of offline networks (traditional and face-to-face social networks) and online social networks (developed social relationships via SNS) on the well-being of older people. Furthermore, this project aims to explore the impact of the use of smartphones and social networks (SNS) on the social inclusion and intergenerational relationships of older people.

The project is structured around three main research themes:

  • Analysis of social networks, health and well-being of the elderly – University of Milan-Bicocca
  • Study of the impact of the elderly and offline social networks on physical health, cognitive functions and well-being – Golgi Cenci Foundation
  • Exploration of the use of smartphones and SNS by older people – University of Bath, United Kingdom.


For information and insights, the site is online