The GOLGI CENCI FOUNDATION was created to unite two worlds: elder care and research.

It is proposed to create the conditions for the world of elderly care to confront the world of research, to produce knowledge and innovation and to disseminate cultural content.

Its goals, which prioritize the area of neuropsychic aging and dementia disorders, are:

  • To study mental aging on a neuropsychological, behavioral and social level through longitudinal population studies;
  •  to carry out research on the basic biological mechanisms and on the functional, anatomo-pathological and biochemical features of brain aging and of age-related and age-dependent pathologies;
  • offer assessment services open to the public and promote experimentation with new models of care and treatment to capitalize on the results of scientific research and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The Golgi Cenci Foundation is a foundation of participation non-profit organization with legal personality. It is enrolled in the National Register of Research.