Cariplo Foundation will fund the research project ” Association between frailty trajectories and biological markers of aging. FRAILBIOTRACK

February 07, 2018

The 2017 announcement of the CARIPLO Foundation for Biomedical Research, had as its theme was “frailty” linked to aging. The Golgi Cenci Foundation participated as a partner 1 in the project presented by IRCCS C. Mondino of Pavia together with the IRCCS “Mario Negri” Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan, with the title “Association between frailty trajectories and biological markers of aging”. FRAILBIOTRACK. The presentation was successful and the project was included among those to be financed. The project will last three years, and foresees the greater commitment of the Golgi Cenci Foundation in the first year. It will be necessary to recruit at least 700 people among those who have already participated in the “InveCe.Ab” study to perform a multidimensional evaluation and take samples that will be analyzed by the biological laboratories of Mondino and Mario Negri. The total funding requested was € 380,000, the part of the Foundation € 120.00.

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