One third of our lives take place after the age of 55. This great social achievement can mean not only more years of life but also the gain of a happy period of existence. But for this to happen, good health and in particular the maintenance of good mental health play a decisive role. Aging in itself, in fact, both because of illness and because of the lack of stimuli and social participation, can lead to an impoverishment of mental performance. But this is not inevitable: identifying risk situations and implementing healthy behaviors can substantially improve the quality of aging.

This is why the ...

CeVaC - Center for the Evaluation of Cognitive Functions

Free service open to the territory of Abbiategrasso

The service does not have the task of diagnosis and treatment but only the evaluation of cognitive functions that the family doctor can use, if necessary, to send to specialist services or to implement directly therapeutic interventions.

Service Objectives

Provide a screening and conginative health assessment service for adults and seniors in the Abbiategrasso area.

To build a database derived from the observation of people belonging to the center as a starting point for possible research.

Experiment in the medical, psychological, and social fields with tools for assessing normal brain aging and screening for cognitive impairment.


The assessment is structured in 3 phases:

  • Reception and compilation of a questionnaire regarding personal and biographical data and interview with the doctor to collect a summary of the person's medical history;
  • Psychological interview and administration of assessment tests;
  • Return of assessment results by the physician or psychologist.

How to access

Access is by appointment. A family doctor's referral is not required, although the doctor must be informed.

L’interessato può telefonare al numero 02.94 66 409 dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 8:30 alle ore 12:30.

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