November 07, 2019

The Golgi Cenci Foundation started its activity in November 2009; They have been operating in the city for ten years, first inside the historic building of the “Golgi” and then, since January 2013, in the new main office in Corso San Martino 10.Since then, three research laboratories have been operating, corresponding to the three floors of the building: psychologists, doctors and sociologists on the ground floor, the biological-genetic laboratory on the first floor, neuropathology and brain bank on the second floor.Ten years of activity are certainly an important step, especially for a research center that must survive in a country where funds for research in general and biomedical in particular are among the lowest in the world.Despite this, the research center of the Golgi Cenci Foundation has gained a recognized place in the field of research on cognitive functions and dementia, both in Italy and internationally.In these ten years they have produced:- 52 scientific papers published in English in international journals;- 59 articles in Italian magazines;- 119 reports and posters at scientific conferences.
The “brain bank” has 306 donors followed over time and 28 brains already analyzed, as well as 42,000 test tubes with blood and plasma stored at -80 C ° and coming from the 4500 samples taken.

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